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Click one of these buttons to find tallies and scoresheets that you can print and use for your game.


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Duplicate bridge Supplies

Here are all the travelling "tickies" and re-cap sheets you will need for two and three table social games of duplicate bridge.


Two table travelling "tickies"

This is a three page printout, enough for 18 or 24 hands. For an interesting variation on the normal way of play, we sometimes play with a "broken compass", meaning that the direction of the boards is changed randomly. That is, north points to any player during succeeding hands of play. No one at the other table knows which pair will play a given hand. Pair numbers remain consistent with the players. Our usual manner of play is three (or four) boards at each table, then trade boards for three (or four) more hands. Then one couple from each table moves to the other table and plays the next groups of boards. One more change of tables and another two groups of boards will finish the evening.

Two table re-cap forms

There are three charts on each page. Print this now.

Three table duplicate supplies for two ways to play

1. Standard Howell rotation

These are your travelling score tickets for standard Howell rotation for three tables. They have been optimized for ease of use. Try them and you will never go back to the standard commercial forms. Three table Howell tallies on five pages. I've also made a special recap sheet.

2. Modified rotation forSocial duplicate

Print the rotation cards Social 3 table Duplicate on three sheets.. Twenty boards in five rounds of play is a good number for a pleasant evening of bridge. These are designed to allow each table to have its own set of four boards for each round. Please note that tables 2 and 3 play split pairs of boards each round. So long as players follow these directions, the accompanying tickets and their pre-numbering make it easy to keep score and match-point at the end of play.

These tallies (travelling score "tickets") and re-cap sheets have been developed for an evening of social duplicate. Because the tallies are partially filled in with pair numbers you will need to print the rotation cards also. Unlike the usual course of play, the boards are not played in groups of four in consecutive order, but in pairs of consecutive boards. Match pointing is easy and intuitive. These will print on four pages in portrait mode. Stack and cut through all four layers. The "tickets" will then be in numerical order. As noted above, these are pre-numbered with the couple numbers. Print these.

Three table re-cap forms

View a pdf. version of these social duplicate re-cap sheets. They print in portrait mode with four to a sheet. Print these now. Three table---20 boards.