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Dorothy's Bridge Tallies, etc.

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Five table tallies

These five table table tallies have been developed to allow maximum mixing of the players. Most players will play (as a partner or opponent) with 18 of the 19 others in the group.
These tallies work especially well for six rounds of four deals of "Chicago" bridge.

Rules for "Chicago" bridge

  1. First deal, no one is vulnerable.

  2. Second deal, dealer's side is vulnerable.

  3. Third deal, dealer's side is vulnerable.

  4. Fourth deal, all are vulnerable.

  5. Scoring is as follows:

  6. Trick scores are the standard 20 points for each trick taken for a minor suit bid, 30 points for each in a major suit. In No Trump contracts, the first trick counts 40 points, and all succeeding tricks receive 30 points.

  7. Doubling results in scoring the bid and made tricks at twice the usual value; re-doubling makes them quadruple the normal value. Overtricks are 100 points each non-vulnerable; 200 points each while vulnerable. Declarer's side also gets 50 points for the "insult".

  8. Bonus points are added as follows:

  9. Part score bids receive 50 points.

  10. Game bids receive 300 points, not vulnerable; 500 points, vulnerable.

  11. Slam bonuses are the usual 500 not vulnerable, 750 vulnerable for small slam; 1000 and 1500 for grand slam. Honors are also credited as for party bridge.

  12. Penalties for "down" tricks are same as for party bridge for contracts not made.

View a pdf. version of these five table tallies. There are five pages which you may print from your pdf. viewer.

Five table scoresheets

See the pdf version of these scoresheets and print them from your pdf viewer.