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Click one of these buttons to find tallies and scoresheets that you can print and use for your game.


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Dorothy's Bridge Tallies, etc.

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Dorothy's Bridge Tallies, etc. offers a line of unique tallies for social bridge games whether you have eight players or twenty. You will find printable designs that please you and offer convenience to your players.

Dorothy also provides score sheets designed for the ways you play bridge. Print and use some of these and you will never go back to the commercially available products.

If you want a custom design, perhaps a photo of a child or grandchild, your favorite pet, or a memorable place, contact me. I can create it for you and email it back within three days.

About Dorothy

I conjured up this site so that all my bridge playing friends could download and print some of the tallies and scoresheets we use in our bridge games. You are free to use these pretty much as you choose, but do not pass them along as your own. Acknowledge me, please.

Sources for good quality playing cards are:
Bridge Baron:
The House of Cards:

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