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Click one of these designs to preview it. If you wish to print it, click the printer icon in your viewer.
Blue flowers
Apricot lolored rose
Yellow flowers
Ranuncula boquet
Yellow tulip
Pink flower

Print scoresheet for table 1, then print sheet for table 2. These print in the landscape orientation.

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The tallies below are the more standard two table tallies, designed for seven rounds of play. These will print on two pages. Cut the pages into quarters and fold each piece to make a tally. Player numbers are conveniently printed in red.

These are the tallies used by my first Tuesday group. We have a partner of the day, and every month it is a different person. Over the course of seven months we play with each of the others once. Because we keep the same partner for the day, only one tally per pair is needed.

After printing a page of tallies, cut the page into quarters, and then fold each piece into quarters. Ordinary printer paper works well for these.

I will be adding new designs from time to time, so check back to see what's new.





Pink lisianthus


Click one of the buttons to the right to find tallies and/or scoresheets that you can print and use for your game.


Two table party bridge button

Five table party bridge button

Duplicate bridge button

Dorothy's Bridge Tallies, etc.

Good bridge hand




White Azaleas
Double Pink Azaleas
poppiesRed rose
southern delight roseYellow rose tally
White and Yellow DaisiesApricot colored rose
Pink lisianthus
Flowers in vase